A harmony of nature,
mind and taste

Hijol Cafe

The word ‘Restaurant’ was derived from the French saying ‘to revive oneself.’ Across history and fiction, a place to replenish your soul has always been under the shade of a tree. And the Hijol Tree with its low hanging branches and healing properties is an exceptional example.

Representing replenishment in its most natural, unadulterated form. Inspiring our name.

We envisioned a place where you may find peace in the blissful shade of nature, and the mindfulness which comes with it.

Reviving the beauty of life inside your heart. Relax with a steaming cup of freshly grounded coffee and food made with purely sourced ingredients.

Experiencing the refined care and comfort of sitting under the Hijol Tree itself, in the 21st Century.

Hijol Menu

Hijol Restaurant and Café is a dining oasis right outside the city. With handpicked chefs, materials, designs and greenery.

Promising a surprisingly natural experience of delightfully prepared food, coffee, sweets and your senses.

Hijol Botany

Away from the concrete city, under the shade of Hijol, you can find peace.

Connecting with nature will give your soul the rest it needs and deserves. That's why at Hijol, we have a beautiful collection of more than 38 plants.

From lotus, wisteria, hibiscus, ferns to different kinds of orchids, we have an exotic arrangement of various plants and beautiful flowers. Find yourself immersed in their beauty and scent. Enjoy peace and tranquillity.

Serene Tranquillity To Indulge In Knowledge

Enjoy nature's peace and indulge in knowledge with every bite of food. Food and book are genuinely made for each other.

Sit at one of our tables in the library and order some food. While the food comes to your table, enjoy reading our collection of books on history, leadership, romance, adventure, spirituality, and so on.

Artistry That Goes Well With Nature

Our art gallery is one that you won't find elsewhere.

With the curation of artworks and photographs from prominent artists handpicked by our art directors, you can become one with art, nature, and food.

With ambient lighting and color settings, it becomes a surreal sensation.

Architectural Elegance Fused With Nature

'Craftworks that go beyond aesthetics'- is how we describe Hijol. We wanted to be different from the concrete city.

Thus, we created a deeper connection with nature using natural construction materials such as wood and stone.

It helps establish a more comfortable setting with flora and fauna.

Your Kids Be One With Nature

Being trapped in congested cities with smogs, traffic jams, and pollutants, our children could never connect with nature in a true sense.

It has clipped their wings of freedom and locked them in concrete cages. That's why at Hijol, we have an outdoor playground with playing facilities for your children.

Soothing Fountain And Water Streams

Water and land are a combination made from the heavens to connect one's mind to nature.

Find yourself entertained with water streams flowing through different restaurant parts outside with ornamental koi fishes, carps, and other species.

All these create a relaxed environment to enjoy. A small fountain in the yard takes the experience to another tier. The sound of water hitting stones, flowing fast in the stream, fishes swimming, and sound from wind chimes bring harmony.

Celebrate with Hijol

We are open for reservations for corporate and casual events.

Hijol can accommodate events for up to 150 people and make arrangements based on needs and requirements.

Keya Sweets in Hijol

A blend of taste and tradition gives Keya Mithai an authentic mouthwatering experience.

Made from the hands of experienced craftsmen, enjoy a mouthful that will calm your taste buds.

They are the right desserts to indulge in luxury after a meal in our nature haven.

Freshly Baked in Hijol

Our cakes and pastries are baked with the skilled hands of experienced patissiers and confectioners.

They are the desserts that give you a mouthful of indulgence.

These are the right fresh bakes to bring back your childhood nostalgia under the canopy of nature and art.