Away From The City, Enjoy Lush Greenery With Great Food and Outdoors

Come with family and friends. Let your children play in our kid's zone to enjoy the great outdoors and be one with nature.

Appreciate the open atmosphere away from all the smoke and clouds of dust. Make family excursions a norm in our busy lives.

Enjoy Nature With Your Family

Let your children feel the true affection of a green atmosphere. Let them play to their heart's content. With some good food, create nostalgic memories.

As they eat and play, give yourselves some time to admire the loveliness of our majestic nature.

Play, Have Fun and Create Bonds

Our kid's zone is packed with playground toys and small rides for children to enjoy their visit. So, rest assured, let your children play in the playground with our staff ready to serve you.

So, have fun, bond, and relax at Hijol Cafe with your kids.