Plants To Connect Your Heart To Nature

Away from the city, enjoy the lush greenery and fresh gush of wind in Hijol. Enjoy your time here with your friends, family, and loved ones under the shade of Hijol. Appreciate nature and immerse yourself in our Plants collection to move your heart.

Plants Grown For Your Mindfulness

Find yourself the plant that suits your house, interior, and health. Get indoor and outdoor plants that perfectly match your rhythm from our wide range of selections.

Grown With Care

From seed to sapling, the journey comes a long way of caring for our plants with the love they deserve.

At Hijol, we take care of our plants just like someone would care for an infant. We give our best so that these seeds grow to become sturdy plants that someday will provide you peace, shade, and harmony. More

Plants To Please Your Soul

At Hijol, find our hand-grown collection of more than 35 plants.

We have plants that are perfect for you, from lotus, wisteria, hibiscus, and ferns to different kinds of orchids. Be it for interior decoration, indoor gardening, or fresh air, find the right plant that suits you.